St. Augustine: Where to stay???

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After spending a couple days on Treasure Island, I'd like to spend the night in St. Augustine. Naturally I'd like to stay in a motel on the beach so I'll have easy access to kite flying.  :P ;D :P
Any help or recommendations  :-\ would be appreciated  ;)

Thanks Much

I was just in the area (I live in Denver).

I was in Brooksville, FL and went to Treasure Island every weekend for the six weeks I was there.  I saw an advert for a kite surf harness in Jacksonville and made the 6hr round trip to purchase.  While I was nearby, I went out to St Augustine to fly.

There is a Kite store there that has a pretty good selection of misc kites.  However, the kid behind the counter was not very interested or knowledgable.  Stop at the store and see what you can get out of them for info.

I went to the beach and flew for about 4 hrs.  It was lonely.  However, you can drive on the beach which was fun.  Definitely drive on the beach and fly next to your car.

As for your idea where to stay.  Good luck!

Call Ocean Extreme Sports (904) 461-9415 and ask for Rob. He used to be a member of the GWTW forum "Fireball Rob" great guy and one heck of a great kite flyer as well. He should be able to tell you anything you need to know about St. Augustine.

Thanks gang  8)
Yes, I remember "Fireball", I'm made notes, appreciate the help Kieth.
Might I add, I still appreciate Area51's too  :D ;) :D   

REALLY! You still have that kite. That's great, it was a very nice flyer as I remember. Very happy you still enjoy it.

When are you going to be at TI? I'm planmng on going for the kite comp the weekend of Jan 19, 20. I'll be down there on the 18th if all goes as planed.


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