Tablets, tablets and more tablets!
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I have been looking at the many tablet offerings, and my head is swimming.
I am mostly looking for internet, and media consumption (Netflix, ebooks, photo sharing, etc.)

Is the Ipad mini's non retnia display really that bad?
Is the Kindle Fire HD all slugish?
Is the Nexus 7 really an option?

The mini is amazing in my opinion.  The text is a bit fuzzy compared to the larger iPad, but completely fine and useable.  In fact, if you did not look at them side by side, I don't think you would notice a difference. 

Also, I like the 4x3 ratio of the iPads much better than the androids movie format.  The movie format is fine for a movie, but terrible for web surfing which is what I spend most if my time doing on the tablet.    Just view a few random pages with each device - my fire shows half the information for the same site due to its super narrow screen size - it's just not even comparable.  Believe me, the slightly sharper text fails in comparison to having to scroll all the time.

Anyhow, all that's my 2 cents on them. 

I've read probably over 100 books on my iPad 2 which has less sharp text than the mini and really like it.  I couldn't go back to paper books that's for sure.

Thanks Tom

How do you feel about storage? Is 16 GB enough?
Kindle fire HD is great, but its no iPad.   The annoying thing about  the fire is that it is so Amazon store oriented - so much so that it makes you think they should give them away.  
But, for the $ it's hard to complain.  I guess you could say the same for apple, but there is just so much more available.

In any case, the iPad has apps for everything - kindle, google play, amazon video, ibooks, itunes, etc so you can access everything and have more choices.  
I always go 32.   With lots of apps, the storage can go fast.  16 is ok if you don't plan on a hundred apps or lots of music.  To me, the extra storage is worth the extra cost, especially since most of them are fixed memory size (not upgrade able).
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