Fujifilm finepix SL300?

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I have been informed by my wife she will be getting a new camera for her birthday next month, oh yeah she expects me to buy it for her. ::)

A friend of hers recommended the SL300.  Anything else out there for around $200-250?  She has been been using a point and shoot 6 MP Kodak for the last three years.  It will be used mostly for taking pictures for her web based sales business and day to day family stuff. A full on DSLR with interchangeable lenses is way more than she needs right now.


I use Dave's Picks on Imaging-Resource.

You can sort by many different criteria.

Here are the cameras in the 200-250 dollar range:


If you click on any of the cameras on the page, you will be redirected to the full review.

This page is a great first step in your research.

Good luck.

I have been using the S2000HD for a few years now. the low light quality may not be the best , But I have no complaints. It takes GREAT closeup pics, and is compact. I plan on replacing it with S4200.  It is a bit more compact than the 300 and uses AA batteries,  for me the fujifilm works great

John, thanks.  I will check it out.

KO, I read the reviews on the 4200.  Everyone had the same complaint, the battery life is short and there is a problem that will not allow the use of rechargeable or Li batteries.

My current pocket camera is the Canon S100.

My only complaint is no viewfinder (although it is quite small).

Stereo HD movies, 12 MP, but most important, it has a very

large sensor for its size. There are newer large sensor pocket cameras.

If image quality is important, get the largest sensor you can afford.


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