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The factory made stack of five Nexus kites come with a carry bag that allows you to pack the kites without breaking them down.  I will buy one from Prism.  All you do is disconnect the standoffs & place the flattened kites in the bag.  I would probably loosen all the leading edge tip cords if I was not going to fly them for awhile.  They also have a one piece lower spreader with a special snap slotted T post fitting.  All Microns have this type of one piece spreader.  Since I used individual type kites mine all have the two piece lower spreader.  Others have said that the lower spreaders can pull out of the T fitting in the stack configuration.  Rather than buy extra parts I followed the advice to make them a bit more secure while still being able to break the kites down completely.  Some one suggested plastic tubing extensions on the center T.  I went to a farm supply store & bought two sizes of tube.  One clear vinyl tube is 1/4" O,D., 0.170" I.D.  The second is 3/8" O.D. 1/4" I.D.  The center T outside diameter is 7.360 mm or 0.28975".  The spreader diameter is 4.944 mm or 0.19465".  I cut two pieces of each for the "spreader keepers".  A 3/4" long piece of the 1/4" & an inch long piece of the 3/8".  I used a slender pair of needle nose pliers to stretch the tubes a bit to allow me to assemble the pieces.  I slipped each tube on the noses & spread the handles to increase the inside diameter a bit.  I rotated them on the pliers & stretched each one about four times.  I marked each spreader with a ring showing the depth it went into the T fitting.  I slid the 1/4" tube onto each spreader just past the mark.  I let them rest a bit & they became quite tight on the spreader.  I then spread the 3/8" tube, slipped it onto the T about half way & quickly inserted the spreader into the still expanded 3/8" tube.  The vinyl shrunk back & became tight.  Hopefully that should take care of it.  Buying individual ready to fly kites gave me five nice cases & five sets of 90 pound by 65 foot lines.  Two sets will be used with the Rev kites when flying short lines.  I will make my first flight with 150# x 85' or if the wind is high 300# x 100' from a power kite.  I am now beginning to gather red Microns for a stack of at least seven.  I like the assembly nearly as much as the flying.

This is a Vision Five stacj built by Jon Trennopohl. He talks and shows some adjustments he implemented on the bridle of the kites... You find this video interesting...


Thanks for the video, it is helpful.  Flew the stack for an hour & one half yesterday it it did well.  I will retune the links now that they have been stressed.  It was the first time I had ever flown a stack.  I loved it.  Winds measured at 9 to 13 with gusts to 20.  Switched from 150 to 300 pound flight lines & even those were singing.

Try some tails ..it helps slow the kites down and a little less pull... I fly on 275# lines...  They sing..  This is repeat of flying my kites in the spring time...  I have to say this is the best video I have ever put together... The music and filming go together just nicely...


Your flying is outstanding.  This is what I aspire to achieve.  I was the only one flying in the park I went to & several cars parked behind me to watch,quite flattering but extra pressure to do well.  I especially liked doing full window width ground passes.  I was not as smooth but did okay.  It was the first time I had ever flown a stack.  I added some 15' tails that I happened to have after a few flights but I am waiting for a shipment of 40' Nexus tails.  Also flew a stack of 6 Trlbys, a Zephyr & a Micron.  I have a long way to go but it will be a path of smiles.  Thank you again. 


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