Renegade kites

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While I was flying here in Newman, Ca at my usual park a gentleman approached and we started talking about kites. It turns out he was True Tourtillott from Tracy, Ca, he is the husband of Pamala who manufactured the Renagade Sport kites in Fremont, Ca.. They got out of the business many years ago and are now retired and don't do much kite flying although they still have a couple bags of kites.  Anyway, I thought is was neat to have him stop by and talk to me as I never run into anybody down here who is interested in kites, let alone someone who was in the kite business. It really made my day :)


I still have a few of Pam Markie's Renegade kites. Used to talk with her a lot on the phone.


Never met her, but have seen several of her kites.

I was told she was sure she was going to be sued by Hugh Hefner
for the bunny kites.

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