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Well, from all the honest feedback and comments about the Solus line, I've learned a lot from Jon and you guys espically about what people like in a kite, and what makes a kite perform a certain way. Which is why I'm pleased to announce the latest ongoing project between Jon Trennepohl and myself!

Skyburner Aura

A new 4 oz. indoor/outdoor trickster. Light wind tricking without sacrificing tracking!

Coming soon? Tell us if you'd be interested!
The new Aura from skyburner kites.

Height- 30 inches (tail to nose)
Weight- 4 ounces
Wingspan- 76 inches
Wind Range- indoor to 8mph
Turbo Bridle

Lower Spreaders- Skyshark ZERO air
Spine- Skyshark 2pt
Upper Spreader- 4mm carbon
Stand-offs- 8.0 carbon
APA-T Fittings

Well, what's in the Leading edges? .... Keep your eyes pealed. Something's on the horizon ;)

Designed by Devin Cobleigh Morrison and Jon Trennepohl.

Looks like fun!  and it passes the JL test. 

4oz, that's no messing around.

Lots of interest here!  Been looking at the ocius to replace my 4d.  Would love to take a test drive on this sometime.  Big ? When will the colorizer be up?  :P

White is good too  ;D

looks fun.  I'd be interested.

Very nice Devin.

Particularly the balanced stall in the side slides.

Are the Adjustable standoffs just for testing purposes or are they a design "feature"?

Again, very nice.


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