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I'm sorry to hear of this news and wishing you a quick recovery Steve.
Thoughts and prayers with Steve & Chris.

I held off but talked with Chris & her son Eric breifly earlier, at that time the diagnosis was that it was a mild stroke, Steve was lucid and aware, and begging for somebody to bring him his iPod, I guess hospital musak isn't doing it for him.

Eric said he has some weakness in his left arm and some facial weakness but they had stood him up and he was OK. His blood pressure was coming down naturally and they had not given him anything yet 3 hours after admittance, which seemed strange in light of a recent article that the effects of a stroke can be completely reversed if treated within 3 hours, but you know how secondhand news is. He had already been lectured on smoking, diet and the physical therapy he will be taking to recover. He's scheduled to stay overnight and recieve the standard battery of tests.

Thanks for that update, Mike.

My very best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery go out to you, Steve!
Sorry to hear of the news.

Speedy recover Steve!
Allen Carter:
Our Kite Pusher will bounce back!
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