Baby It's Cold Outside

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High today in Las Vegas:

43F or approx. 6C.

But it's windy so the Friday night fly should be standards

and maybe venteds. I'll be bundled up. I'm a woos.

Relatively speaking the temps/weather in the NE has been very moderate and we have only had a few light snows... most of which is melted away now.  No complaints from me, as it keeps a cap on heating oil expenditures. 

For good or ill, my tolerance for cold is strongly tied to the amount of sleep deficit I am running and my general mood.   So to keep the mood elevated, something from the lovely Kelly Willis and her husband, Bruce Robison.

Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis live @ the Granada Theater


Boy, your more than a woos. It's was 2 degrees when I went to work. High of 21. You poor people that live down south.

Join us in July when it's 113F and we'll work on your woosness.

Quote from: chilese on January 11, 2013, 05:25 PM

Join us in July when it's 113F and we'll work on your woosness.

We live in that type of area, I've always said you can always put more layers on but you can only take so many off before you attract unwanted attention.   (from somebody who spent his youth with no layers on in the upper park)


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