SilverFox Pro 2.3 VS Widowmaker VS Solus ?

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I've been training on my SF Pro for awhile and got used to the momentum and input of it.
Wanting to get another standard, which one has a style closer to the SF?
Should I go for the kite that has a different input style?
Or which one do you guys personally prefer?

Personally, I prefer the WidowMaker over the Solus.

They are both very nice kites, but the WM is a bit more

forgiving than the Solus in my estimate.

But, in all honesty I didn't like any of the SF series, so

not quite sure if I am the one you should listen to.

Hopefully, you live near someone who may have one or

both of those kites. Try before you buy is the best.

If you can't try them, choose the one you think looks better.  :)

Sorry to throw another kite into the mix, but if you like the SF Pro then I would seriously consider the Flying Wings Soul, a highly capable, seriously underrated kite that is a real joy to fly.

You can't go wrong with the Widowmaker. Still one of my favorite kites. I've learned a lot flying it, and it still comes out of the bag every time there's enough wind for it.
I bought a Solus last year, loved the way it looked, but I couldn't fly it. Couldn't tune it, either, so I didn't fly it. A friend who knows much more about kites than me offered to tune it for me, but he's had no luck after months of trying endless combinations. It's too bad, it's such a good looking kite...

Interesting comments on the Solus, I love mine. :)  It does have a very unique feel but once you figure out what it likes, it rocks!

As mentioned above, you can't go wrong with the WidowMaker.  Still one of my all time favorite kites to fly - I own 4 of them and they are always in my A bag.

I would also agree that the Flying Wings Soul is one of the most underrated and underappreciated kites on the market.  If you like the SF Pro, you would love the Soul....and you can score one for a bit less than the WM.


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