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I wanted to share an experince I had with customer service at Premier Kites

Last weekend I was tuning a 5-stack of Premier Vision 's, not long after the launched I noticed the last kite getting very squirrelly.. I then noticed one of the lower spreaders had detached from the center "T". 

After landing, I inspected the kite and discovered the "T" had actually sheared off on one side.

The next day I emailed customer service and explained the situation. I received an email back that asked for me to call Tom Savage @ Premier. I called, got voice mail, left a message... about 10 -15 minutes later I received a call back from Tom.

We discussed the part in question, he wanted to make sure exactly what part(s) I needed to repair the kite. He assured me they had the parts in stock and would have them in the mail by the next day.

I expect to see the parts sometime next week..

I just wanted to share the EXCELLENT SERVICE I received

I once bought a used Premier 19' delta, sail only. I emailed Premier trying to get the framing specs with no response. I talked with Jim Costca (now with Sky Dog Kites) while at Kite Party about the lack of response, he asked for my address, I only wanted the specs but within 2 weeks I had a complete frame on my porch when I came home one day. There's good people and not so good people wherever you go, glad to hear you hit the right channel.

Premier seems to go through or change people quite frequently but overall I would say Premier and Prism have the best customer support out there.  Every time I have needed info on parts/pieces/replacements for either one of these companies I can always count on someone being there to answer the phone and/or having my message returned with the info I need or the parts on their way.

I can't say this for a lot of the other companies out there, some are so pathetic with their support that it's not even worth trying to call them for info and in many times, quicker to just build the part yourself.

Received the parts today

He's not with or from Premier but Rob Cemblast from New Tech Kites has been pretty good with me on a couple of things.  It's always good to hear when a company provides good service.  It sure beats complaining.



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