What kind of rigging for a candy drop?
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white wing lover:
I need some info on rigging for a candy drop...

Got the kites...

Got the line...

Gettin' da candy...
here is some info from IKE http://www.ikeclub.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=753

here is carlos simoes' info on setting up a drop rig....http://www.kiteplans.org/planos/release/release.html you could just take a square of material and tie off one corner but then string the other three corners to the release point... would just make a simple bag....

for my para bear i use one of these: Blacks Outrigger Release Clip

This gets tied into the line...and then the parabear (or bag of candy) would get hooked onto the Left side dogleg piece...this is a release where you have tojerk the line the to release....the big screw in the upper center of the picture is a tension screw....you can adjust it easily...
Interesting.  Where did you get that and when you say jerk the line you mean the kite line?
Quote from: DD on January 14, 2013, 11:00 AM

Interesting.  Where did you get that and when you say jerk the line you mean the kite line?

yep...you would have to tug the flying line to get it to release (it is a fine line between having the tension set to easily drop the rig BUT not too light where it releases the rig when you areletting out the line and the kite hits a small gust of wind!)...
That picture is swiped from Cabelas....retails for about 8-9$....I have two sets of these for my parabear rig...that way I can fly him and drop him...then repack the chute with the second rig...then pull the kite down to switch rigs.....a vicious cycle....
Cool, if you google that you find a listing for a "Blacks Kite Release Clip" just under that one, slightly different then the one pictured above and I assume meant to drop your rig after flying it out using a kite.

I'm thinking these types require bringing the kite down to attach the next payload? Can you use them with a pulley on the line with a separate line running up and back from the pulley so you just bring down the release clip then pull back up? Be sure you hang the pulley off a 3-way swivel though, some I've seen just tie the pulley on a loop on the flying line and line twists winding the pulley and your transport loop line around the flying line.

Sorry for the diagram quality, no graphics program on here yet

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