D.E. Invictus 75%


Hello everyone, One of my friends sugessted me to share here my newest build: The INVICTUS scaled to 75%.

I have taken plan of Invictus by Davide Equizzi and scaled it down to 75%, I have also simplified the panel layout to make the build easier:

I have build first trial sail using foil just to check if it fly and will be able to perform some tricks.

Than made some small frame adaptation:
LE 115cm
Standoff 19cm (rod without connectors)


materials used:
- sail - ripstop nylon 32g
- LE - ripstop 90g 3cm
- TE - ripstop nylon 32g 1,5cm
- reinforcments - ripstop 90g
- frame 4mm structil

Wingspan is about 190cm, total weight with frame and bridle 140g

The wind range is about 0-12km/h - i was afraid to fly in stronger wind.
Best Trick wind range is about 2-6km/h

First short video:

Invictus 75% SUL

and some pictures:

Now i am planning to change LS to single piece 4,5mm structil to eliminate heavy centerT and give little more stiffness.


Wow, quick little kite in that wind, looks like a lot fun. Thanks.

wind was about 10km/h on this video so it was upper limit for this kite. In lower winds is more easy to controll it :)

Ara Ararauna:
As I said at the "other place" I love the color choice and design of the kite.
And now that I see it fly I love it.

When you get the SUL sorted out I'm pretty sure it will be the first SUL I will build.

Another sharp Video made by Pawel

Invictus 75% SUL
in case of problems:

This time wind was 2-4km/h

Kite mod's:
- simple 3 point bridle with longer outhaul and shorter inhoul
- single piece lower spreader 4,5mm structil
- addaed YoYo stoppers


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