Fire Dart stand-offs

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Flying Fish:
Got an original Fire Dart off eBay, for a very low price. It came without stand-offs, and according to the manual, stand-offs were 'optional' in those days. The sail has two small fabric loops sewn in, right where you would expect the stand-offs to be attached to the sail.

Does anyone know what Fire Dart stand-offs looked like? Especially how they were attached to those fabric loops? Of course, I can conjure up something myself, but would prefer to make them as close to 'original' as possible.

they were attached to the loops with an arrow nock....

there would be a small arrow nock on the skin end of the standoff and the loop would be between the points.....then..tension would hold it in but i also saw people take small zip ties and put that through the loop and around the nock for security.....

Flying Fish:
Thanks Rob! That does make sense. I assume a standard spar grabber at the other end?

the Dart that i had in my hands had rubber tubing ~1.5" long that had a hole through it for the spreader and then the standoff with a rubber end cap fit into the open end of the tubing.....
older skool!!!!

skb: I had seen those nocks and thought that was just from hard use ;)

Allen Carter:
It's more of a challenge without them. Especially near the edge of the window. Fun challenge, though. Makes you appreciate more modern kites.  :)


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