Winter Flying - 1st time calling off

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I have been doing winter flying consistently with the temperature in the 20s F range.  Today, the temperature has dropped  below 20s and together with the wind chill, it is below 10F.  I finally have to take a break and call off flying today and probably the whole week.


Hard to fly with snow glowes on.

Dude that is too cold.

Meanwhile... In the southern hemisphere.
I was flying the other day at 1pm in full sun and 43deg C, About 110 Farenheit.
Not the Hottest Ive flown in that was over 120F, the coldest was a mild 28F.
It does not get that cold in WestOz.


i hear ya. i did fine at 24degrees but it is 8degrees and my rule is

no flying when the wind mph is greater then temp degrees!

Tmadz..I use mechanix gloves and they do pretty good. not the warmest but they do the job. Its a 50% chance that i can tie knots with them though.

Flew during two snow storms so far this winter.  It showed me that one location I had been hopeful about was never going to have smooth wind.  Reading the wind using the snow is useful.  The same field had horses in it also.  Had a horse pick up my 2.5 foil in it's mouth.  I keep horses myself so I knew all I had to do was yell to get him to drop it.  Was not a good idea to fly with livestock regardless.  At a much better location I flew in clear weather with ten inches of snow on the ground on Sunday.  Good spot but I learned don't toss your white kite stake over to the kite bag & expect to find it later.  When laying out the quad lines they did not snag on the weeds & that was good.  I am going to fly as much as possible this winter so I'll be ready for Spring.  Notice my message below about winter...


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