Panama City, FL????


Going to be in Panama City, FL for work next week.  Looking for some kite flyers or a good place to go one afternoon to fly???

Randy Miller

I live in Navarre which is about an hour east.  I work in FWB which is a little closer.  I don't know of many flying areas east of Destin, but I might be able to sneak out and fly with you one day if we can find a good area.

We've had awesome weather the last two weeks!  Hopefully the trend continues.

I will keep you posted.  I havent got my report yet. All I know is that my job will be in Panama City, FL area... I work for a company that inspects New Wal Marts HVAC systems and set up them up. I will be busy but should have some afternoon time to do a little kite flying! Its been a while!!!


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