The Ocius looks much better "in person"!

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I picked up an Sky Burner Ocius while on my trip to Treasure Island last weekend & I have to say they look much better "in person" than they do on the Sky Burner website where the color choices are not actual photos of the Ocius in the various different color combos!

I had thought about getting one awhile back but seeing one on the wall of a kite shop in St. Augustine made it pretty irresistible! I'll try to take some photos when I get a chance.

Oh ...and not a secondary fact ...they fly pretty dang well too! They sit nicely in a turtle, IMO ....and they really like to roll up with minimal effort.  ;D

I know that kite.  I think I saw it on the wall and was impressed that they had one.

Very cool.  Nice kite!

and where is the pic?! ;)

The pics/videos/colorizers really don't do it justice. Especially vertigo2u's new(ish) UL thats mostly purple. Beautiful.


I too love the new sail design.


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