Half Axel cascade to Taz machine transition

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Is going from half axel cascade to Taz machine possible.?

Let's say you pop the left half axel in doing the cascade.  Instead of regaining the line tension with your left hand to get ready for the right half axel, you give slack and then tuck with your right hand to get into Taz machine. 

I start learning the Taz machine today (getting there :) ).  After finishing flying and going back home, I start thinking the transition could be possible because the Taz machine is actually initiated with the half axel but not sure as I have not tried it out yet.

If it is possible, I think it will look very cool. :)


Are you talking about what Kirijn does at :30 in this video?


I saw this the other day and thought it looks like something i want to get in my bag of tricks...



Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about.  So, that is possible.  Thanks!

There are lots of Taz machine in the video.  The pilot is the King of Taz machine!


I think it's easier to start learning them this way.  It trains your eye to see when the kite is ready for the taz input.

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