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I have a question for the assembled wisdom and experience. Is there a kind of kite line that is fairly light, but somewhat thicker and easier on the hands for use by little hands. It doesn't need to be very strong - the kites will be small SLKs, light pull. They have to be able to grip it easily, and not get burned or cut. Any suggestions?

Thanks - Larry
Assuming GWTW/Chico Kites doesn't have anything similar (I did not see it) the AKA sells cotton line on winders for 34 cents apiece (bulk order of 50 required) as a way to help everyone get kites out to kids.  Cotton line is plenty strong for small kites.  It can still cut - but much less so than synthetics. 
If you don't need 50 and you don't find what you need on GWTW/Chico Kites, the Drachen Foundation ( also sells kite kite line with Plastic Winder, 20 lb. line, 100 feet per roll in packs of 10.  You will find it in there Kite Kits/Materials section.


Cotton would be fine - I was thinking about something that would be easy to grip. I certainly have lots of cotton line, if that that's the best bet.

Anyway, thanks for the responses.

I'll consider it further. I'm still a few months from needing to know. There's a third birthday coming up in July.

Quote from: glk47 on January 28, 2013, 07:59 AM

fairly light, but somewhat thicker and easier on the hands for use by little hands.

Hey Larry

Commercially available kite line for kids kites is either light, and hence thin (burns, cuts, ouch!) OR it is thick ( too heavy for light pulling kites).  It is very difficult to get both good qualities without any of the down sides.

Cotton thread seems to be a reasonable compromise.  It is thin and light, but quite a bit softer, gentler on little hands than commercial threads.

If you don't want to wind lots of line sets individually, you can always do what Tony Rice taught me years ago.

Cut a bunch of rectangular cardboard pieces (to be used as winders).  Buy a large cone of cotton thread ( the sort used on overlockers, etc).  For each child, give them a cardboard winder, hand them the end of the thread and tell them to run for 10 seconds.  At the 10 second point, cut the thread.  The child then winds up however much line he/she has managed to get in that time.  Fun and simple.
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