Stowaway Parafoil diving?

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I just bought a stowaway parafoil and I've tried flying it twice with the same problem both times:  Before I could even get it 15' off the ground, as soon as there was enough wind to lift it, it swoops side to side a couple times, then either dives to the ground or dives and hooks under, then gets turned around in the wind and ends up inside out with the wind filling the sail from the back side...

Considering everything I have read about it says it is extremely stable, I don't know if it is defective or just has a poorly tied bridle or something...  I figured I'd check with the forum before I bring it back.

Thanks in advance!

Mine gets real squirrelly in these choppy Midwest winds until I get it about 40-50 ft in the air where it smooths out. I always have to work it a lot to gain height fast. Once it's up there I don't have an issue.

It's a small sail and with that 20 ft tail dragging it, doesn't make it easy until it catches smooth wind to keep the sail filled.

Thanks, maybe I'll have to give it another shot...

Try giving it some slack when it does that, then put some tension back when it rights. I seem to remember that working for me.


The Guys above are right.
The Stowaway foil does prefer smoother winds.
But if it is dancing about try working the line in and out.

The way I usually launch mine is I put a stake in the ground.
Run out as much line as i am going to use.
Tie off to the stake, pull the kite tight on the line and let go.
Any decent wind will just take it straight up.



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