Antelope Island 2013

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Wakeless Kites:

Well it has been a busy fall and winter so far, but I am very happy about the upcoming spring and all that goes with it….
The Antelope Island Stampede Festival committee is gearing up for another outstanding year and it is my pleasure to announce the dates for this year’s event, the 5th year with kites as part of the festival.

Labor Day Weekend 2013:
August 30 - Sept 1 (Fri - Sun)
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2012 saw a lot of new people on the island and we also saw the island under extreme conditions, weather wise, to say the least. The spirit of the people who were there reigned over these conditions and a really great time was had, some special memories were made and we flew some kites. It’s hard to say what I thought about the time on the island last year without sounding like a proud father that is why I asked others to give their truthful thoughts on the event for the write up in Kitelife.
Those that were there know that the conditions don’t make the event, we make the event, most of the kite fliers and kite makers I know, know this to be true.

This year we will have a lot of the same things going on, BMX bike demos, Sky Divers, Power Paragliders, Hot Air Balloons, kites, bands all day into the night, all kinds of food, craft and entertainment vendors, kids kite making and more to come.
2012 was also the first year for the after event KiteStock. We are doing that again Monday and Tuesday night after the event, we camp out on the island and just relax, explore, swim in the lake, eat, drink, dance if you want to. Last year we had three of the most amazing nights of flying I have ever been a part of and it was cool.
So I will be posting updates as I get them, please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Here is the link to the official site for AISF,
Thanks to those who have come and thanks to those who will come.
Kevin Bayless

Wakeless Kites:

Kevin Bayless

Well with just 4 months to go, I am happy to announce the following attendee’s that will be spending Labor Day week end on the island.
I will add names as we get closer……
Of course there is Iquad again this year; unfortunately this will be their last performance for awhile as they are going on Hiatus after AISF 2013. This could be your last chance to see them so do plan on attending. John, TK, Monkey, Bazzer, Steve and Willow, really looking forward to having you here and thanks for all you have done.
Ron Gibian will be with us again this year, Ron is a good friend of many years and always fun to have here.
Simon Crafts will be joining us again, a truly talented and original kite designer and maker.
Adrain Conn will be joining us for his first trip to the island, looking forward to his works of art gracing our island.
Ron Bohart will be on the island again this year, hardest working man on the island award winner two years in a row……
Spence Watson will be with us, not only a great ambassador for his generation but a gifted kite flyer as well.
Barry and Susan Tislow will be on the island for their first time, founding members of team Suspended Animation, they are bringing an assortment of giant show kites. They are also bringing Ed Paulson with them with his collections of kites.
Penny Lingenfelter will be on hand again this year; her kite related skits with the kids is always a big hit.
Kevin Reynolds and his dad will be here again, think this will be their 5th year with us.
Fred and Donna Taylor will be joining us for the first time, a fun couple to have around.
John and Diane Polluck will make the trip again this year, with John retired now; suspect we may see a new thing or two from him.
Jay Nunes and Kelly Mayhew with Kiting Tampabay will be making the trip to join us this year, along with Star and her mom and maybe some more of the Florida crew. A great group to hang out and fly with.
Nic O’Neal and Paul DeBarker will be here, Paul’s designs are well known and Nic is an up and coming kite maker, watch out for her….
Ben Huggett says he will be joining us too this year again, his self made kites were flying pretty much most of the time last year.
John and Lori Robinson will be here in the camper, Lori is a fantastic photographer and John is a supper nice guy.
Ronda Brewer and Lindsey Johnson will be running the kids kite making again this year, they were a major success last year and a big hit….
The Fosters from Cali will be camping out on the island this year, looking forward to having them here for sure.
I have heard that Corey Jensen, Scott Skinner, Rich Comras, Laura Berg and Scott W. will be attending too.
The locals who really help make all this come together will be there again this year, Bethanie, Jeff, Teri, Scott, Jesse, Brandon, LynneRae my loving wife, and some others.
A new element we introduced last year was the paramotor pilots, they will be back again to share the field and skies with us again.
As we get closer I will post up other confirmations I receive but it looks as if we may have a pretty sizable kite element this year. Camping is allowed on the field and there will be many out there, and of course KiteStock is the two days following the event. This is a true kite flier’s vacation event, no agendas, not real schedule, we show up, we fly, we have fun and relax. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there again.


and matt cyphert.

Wakeless Kites:

Looking forward to meeting you Matt.....

Well, just a bit over 2 1/2 months to go, really looking forward to this year. Just a couple updates for ya'll

 First I am happy to announce that Bobby Stanfield will be joining us this year, Bobby has started making kites again and has not lost the touch.

 Ken McNeill says he will be joining us on the island, really looking forward to meeting this man and seeing his kites as well.
 I am sure there may be more kite folks that I don't know about coming this year too.

 There is camping on the island and the hotels are about 15 minutes away.

 Here is the link to the website with all kinds of pictures and info about this years event.

 we will be doing three indoor demos at local schools this year, always a favorite for everyone.

 I would like to point out that there is really no schedule for the kite fliers for this event, no barriers around the field, no real rules to follow. this is a kite fliers vacation, come out, fly, have fun and enjoy live music all day into the night, BMX demos, kids kite making, tons of vendors with food, drinks and art, hot air balloons, paragliders flying all around with paramotors.

 For two nights after the official event ends we stay out on the island for KiteStock, the first real cure for PFD, (post festival depression) we did this last year with about 20 people hanging out, was really, really a relaxing time for all and we had some of the most amazing night flying many had ever had.

 Another reminder, this will be Iquads last performance before taking an extended break from the festival touring they have done for the past 6 or 7 years. Come out and show your support.

 Looking forward to it, hope to see some of ya out there this year, it's going to be awesome.

 If you have questions, feel free to email me at


thanks im looking forward to the event. i here you through quite the party.  thinking about shipping out all the crew and all the stack may be quite a bit bigger by the festival.

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