Another Sixth Sense in the world

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Finally built a SS Std for me to keep...  every one I've built prior has gone out into the world!  This one is mine (although I suspect some of you local folks here in Seattle may get a chance to fly it.)

and since it rained most of the day today, here is an artificially back lit view.

Razor sharp look.

Love the pin-striping.

Come move to Las Vegas.  :P

Thanks John, very kind compliments.  Perhaps you should move to *Seattle? (and bring your camera with you!)...

*no cracks about rain the rain either!

Nice looking kite!  My colors and everything! 

What a great looking kite!!!  My kind of color for our Seattle grey sky!!!

When can we have the opportunity to fly it?  This weekend should have clear days for flying. Should Tom, you, and I get together at kite hill? 



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