And another one Sixth Sense in the world...

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I decided to share my self-built Sixht Sense.
Just finished. Not tested in flight yet.
I changed the panel scheme a bit to add a bit of black to the wings.

Framing specified as STD competition:

Upper leadind edge: P200
Lower leadind edge: P300
Upper spreader: Structil 6mm
Lower spreader: 5pt
Spine: P200
Stand Off: 3mm carbon
Ballast on tail: 25g

The sail is nylon spy (32g/sqm) + dacron instead of icarex.

A few details:




Sail grabbers / reinforcement

A few more pictures of the finished kite:

And some picures from the building process:

Now waiting for the weather to give it a try...

I have to add that I really appreciate all the ideas, solutions and thoughts shared in this forum!
It was a great help while building! Thanks! :)


Nice build, I do like your additional black panels.  Very slick indeed.  Welcome to the forum.


Good build... now the fun bit, flying!


nice, the black in the wings looks good  :P

(but why did you use the mylar reinforcement from the UL in your STD?)




Quote from: Krijn on January 31, 2013, 10:50 AM
(but why did you use the mylar reinforcement from the UL in your STD?)



I think I just wanted not to add too much weight to the sail.
The green panels are made of a bit heavy fabric - I think more than 40g/sqm.
The rest is 32g/sqm.
So I reduced the reinforcement to the one from UL.

... and to be honest the reinforcement is the same green spy (2 layers). :)

Somehow I have a feeling it should not affect the performance of the kite.


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