KTAI. Well........??

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For all the talk we had before the show,

there hasn't been much talk since.

Did anything pique (just wanted to use that word) your interest?

Even though I'm not really a SLK kind of guy,

the P51 looked great and it should only be about $20.

I also liked the
  Tri-Tail deltas
  Mini window stick-on sport kites

Just wondering if you saw anything that looked interesting?


I like Premier being bold with the new bubble pattern Ripstop. I also like the suction cup mini stunt kites. Who made them?


  - the modified Genki
  - The vodoo "Baron Samedi" charater
  - Spin Socks with the black and white checkboard panels.

Multi Lines
  - "Smithi"quad foil
  -  Crackerjack


The small sport kites are sold by In The Breeze.

I don't know who makes them.

I did buy 2 of the Angry Bird Air Swimmers (Helium filled).
These will be Christmas presents.


What is the Rev indoor tethered trainer ?

The Kymera looks good in white/red

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