Taz troubles

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Spent today trying to taz. Wind was terrible, either 0 or 10 and gusty. Kite was NSE.

I am having trouble getting the rotation after the half axel. I give it extra slack so the nose comes up, smooth pull for the rotation, and most of the time, it would turn nose toward me, and slow the rotation to a stop. Other times it would just resume flying opposite direction.
I am giving slack with the off hand after the rotation input, and was trying not to pull too hard with that input to make sure the kite can keep rotating.

I can do 540's with one pull.

The only taz i got right required that i add a tug with the other hand when it had turnedjust past 180 and was losing momentum.

Any suggestions for improvement?

I know, wheres the video.


Sounds like not enough slack.  After you pop for the rotation, you need slack in both lines in order for the kite to flat spin.   

Hope it helps.  Try em on your TNT. 


Finally got the lots of slack part down, but still inconsistence with my Tazs, What is the proper time for the input. Think I'm poping to early   ::)


Make sure when the kite is in the flare position from the half axel, that the nose is actually past the flare position. Instead of the spine being parallel to the ground, it should be at an angle. The tail should be just below the nose. See if that helps?


I do the half axel, extra slack in the pop hand as per dpmama tutorial, to get the nose up. When the nose is up, and lines touch lower spreader, pull with opposite hand and slack the pop hand. So you reverse the input motion of the half axel.

If any of this is right or wrong, i dont know, just what i saw in tutorials.

So in order for me to get more slack i would need to move forward a few steps... Is that typical?

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