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looking for simple info as to the removal of the top of the dash so I may see what is not moving to blow hot air out the dash front and floor...blower works and blows hot air up to the windshield and rear heater works   been searching the forums but they all get  too involved for my simple abilities...


Simple answer is..don't! Usually the doors that route air to different ducts in modern day vehicles are moved by vacuum. Look under the hood for a broken or disconnected vacuum hose. Tiny (1/4-3/8)"soft rubber hoses back around the firewall start in the general vicinity of the blower motor and work  your way to the larger (1/2-3/4)" rubber hose that goes to the big round power brake booster up high on driver's side. There's probably a half dozen or so that tee off and go to different sensors on the engine . It could be any of the plastic tees or the nipple on the sensors. If you absolutely have to go into the dash, the doors for the floor ducts are usually reached by standing on your head on the front floor mats, or the middle dash ducts through the glove box.
Hope this helps!

Lee S:

Hey Zeke, is that Dodge of yours made in any particular year?  I know, details details.....sigh....


I'm finding the 2002 is electronically controlled, but then I also see that there is vacuum to the climate control system which would indicate it's still vacuum operated?

Vacuum diagrams and mention of an electronic control here -

If it proves to be electronic I would run the fuses with a circuit tester. Alternately check your manual to see if the electronic control is on an identifiable fuse, though it may be grouped with other dash accessories so you might have to hunt down a wiring diagram, I hate tracing those things.

Seems also that those with vacuum operated servos the vacuum line from the manifold t's with one line going to your cruise control actuator and one through the firewall to the vent actuator, I have seen the diaphragm go bad in cruise controls, that will cause no vacuum to the vent control. - - if that's the case then plug the line to the cruise control until you can get it fixed, no cruise but a properly working heater is preferable in my book.

david barnby:

could be a wayward kite blocking the inlet vents 8)

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