Which kites "give away" tricks...

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After trying to learn taz it was suggested not to try it on a certain kite until I can do it on others.

So I am curious which kites are great for learning specific tricks? Which kites do a trick even if ones inputs are too strong or timing is slightly off? You could give a kite a rating if you prefer on a 1-5 (5 being automatic) how easily the kite will do the trick.

Taz Machine: TNT, NSE 15
Fade: Transformer, Sea Devil
540: Black Pearl UL/STD (4)
Flap Jack: Transformer SSUL
K2000:  Transformer SSUL


nice topic!

Taz - Veyron (5) (TNT is only a (4) here)
Yoyo - Organic
Straigth line - Hugo
Wapdoowap - Seven
Comete - Invictus (5)
Jacobsladder - TNT STD/Strong


The kites we don't own are the ones which do the tricks

we haven't mastered yet.

It was that way with tennis rackets too.  ::)


comete - Tekken
JL - Fearless
yoyo - Transformer
backspin/cascade - Fearless
cascade - Fearless
precision - Tekken

I have yet to find a kite that gives away the Taz that doesn't wreak some havoc with other flight elements.


The kite you've been flying exclusively for the last 3 years gives away all the tricks you know.  ;)


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