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Hello GWTW members,

I just joined the site and glad to be here.  Been a long time since I last piloted kites but hopefully after this restoration project I can get the bug back and start collecting new kites.

Here is the Nuke I purchased originally in 96' from Kites of Boston, a local shop in Faneuil Hall in Boston, MA.



Manufacture Date Feb 06 1996

I ordered all new connectors and did my best measuring the O.D./I.D. of shafts but still was a bit confused on what to purchase.  The most difficult part to actually locate was an original T Connector.  All the other connectors appear to be available.  The original used an External Aluminum Ferrule on the Lower Spreader which is .380 in. O.D. and .320 in. I.D.  The Lower Spreader themselves are Shiny wrapped carbon rods with an O.D. of .305 in. throughout the rod except near the ends when they appear reinforced to .315 in.  The I.D. is still .240 in.  I was thinking of purchasing this T Connector but had no experience with this style.

Excel T Connector 8mm

Here are some additional pics of the areas where the connectors have deteriorated.

I did order the following so far:

APA LE Connectors APA D
APA Center T 6x7mm (This part will require me to change from outer ferrule on lower spreader to internal .240 ferrule)
APA 7mm & 8mm Molded Stoppers (Doo Hinkeys)
APA Stand Off Spreader Connectors APA 312
APA Center T Connector 6x7mm (6mm end will need a 6mm ferrule to be inserted first to attach the Lower Spreaders now)

I also needed to repair an upper portion LE carbon rod with one more matched to the rest of the airframe.  The patch rod used has too weak a spine and too heavy.  Here is what I purchased.

oooo..Kites of Boston customer eh?
you still up in this neck of the woods?

What do you need to restore? I have full sets of Reactors at my hands.

I just edited the post to update some info.  Thanks for the super fast response and interest!!  I actually now live in Orlando, FL.  I'm missing the snow right now and the snowboarding!

Allen Carter:
Oops, some of this may not apply as it was written too soon! Sounds like you've got LE fittings. Are the APA?

You should buy an internal ferrule for the spreaders and use a modern center T. The ones with the eternal ferrules are not so great.  I'll show you a picture of what I use.

APA 6x7 fittings

Well, I'm the only guy around here who flies Reactors on a regular basis, so I can probably be some help.

What do you need? Looks like lower spreaders are missing?

Probably leading edge fittings and center T need replacing. Sometimes the spreader/standoff connectors too. The original ones crumble after so much time, for fail immediately in flight. Regular APA fittings are the way to go.

If you need spars, it will be tough to find the right ones. The Skyshark 7P and 5P sticks used in the 'Nuke haven't been made in years and old stock was cleaned out by folks like me. You could advertise in the Wanted section of the swap meet. Last time I pleaded for 5Ps they were scarce. Maybe there are some 7Ps (which you would need for the lower spreaders) floating around.

If you can't get 7Ps, you could make spreaders with the newer Skyshark P300 tubes, which are the stiffest non-tapered tubes, but they would not be stiff enough. 7Ps are very stiff. The way to work this is to put a smaller diameter rod into the P300. This is often called "stuffing" and can work well. A stuffed spar can be too heavy for some applications but the 7Ps were pretty heavy. If you need to go this way, I'll give you more info.

Normally Steve, this forum's host and Gone With The Wind/Chico Kites owner is the best source for parts, especially if you're not sure which you need, but he is currently out of action for medical reasons. One of the shops listed on the right of this page should be able to help.

Here is rod info from Allen Carter...those should be Skyshark 7p rods
So..you will have to find a fitting that will accept them...
The aluminum ferrule has the spreader in a deeper depth than the plastic exel center T.......


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