Dynamic Weight Distribution
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I wonder what will happen if there is let's say an 8g of metal beads freely rolling on the spine.  So what will happen is that when the kite is flying nose up, all the weight will be at the tail, and flying nose down, all the weight at the nose.  In lazy susan, it will be nose heavy (deeper LZ?)  and in fade it will be tail heavy (more stable fade?).  Does that make any sense?

There have been a few kites which used a sliding weight in the spine.

It didn't catch on. But maybe it wasn't done correctly.

Sounds like you should do an experiment.

Now go get your balls (bearings of course) rolling.
Google or search the forum for: Level One Sliding Weight system....
Technically, if you got the weighting right you could do a rising flare  8)

What about active aerodynamics which change the sail profile?

How about specific areas of the bridle which are elasticated which change the angle of attack in different winds speeds or create more 'powered' yo yo's, backspins or yo-fades?  8)

I tried the elastic bridle bits for widening the windrange

by automatically changing the Angle Of Attack.

It worked for that, but tricks suffered a great deal.
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