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Spoke with Steve today.

First of all, he is very appreciative of the Forum's response to his medical condition.

He says thanks to all who have donated money, prayers, phone calls, get well cards.

You have helped lift his morale and ease his medical bill total.

He has a very small loss of his tongue muscle control. He sounds like he has just a touch
of Novocaine left from the dentist. His speech is normal and his brain seems up
to speed to me.

He currently has very little movement of his left hand and fingers. Only time will
tell how much of his hand motion returns.

He is in a hurry to get back to kites and said he will be checking into those small
suction cup sport kites many spoke of as well as the P-51 airplane SLK I liked.

He is a calmer, more subdued man and a bit humbled by his experience.
He is still Steve. And I am thankful for that.

Steve and I don't speak often, but it is always a genuine exchange based on a long-term
friendship. He misses flying kites and will be back on the field as soon as deemed
safe by the doctors.

Steve is going through various forms of rehab and fairly busy getting his life
back to some form of normal. Emails would be a bit better than phone calls overall.

He considers the Forum his youngest child and reads and responds to the ups
and downs we go through. The Forum is very mature and no longer has as
much youthful enthusiasm as it did years ago. That is expected. But it is still
strong with new contributors, new builders and new fliers.

Say a prayer, make a contribution, send an email. Whatever you like. Steve
will jump in more and more as he recovers.

My earliest picture (maybe) of Steve:
Bonus points for naming the brown kite before clicking on the link.
Double bonus points for knowing why there were brown kites in 2002.
Triple points for naming either of the people in the background.
As i have a kite like that but in white, black and purple, i won't spoil the surprise by telling, but i can only guess the ship carrying the world supply of ripstop colors sank that year.

Best wishes on your recovery steve.
Steve Hall:
thanks John.  And thanks to all of you for your support and well wishes.
here is a photo from a couple days ago
Allen Carter:

A shortage of black Icky that year...

The brown kites tended to smell of cigarets too. (OK, any R-Sky)

John Gillespie and Emmalee Kirk
Ca Ike:
Glad to hear its only a small after effect and hopefully you will get most ,if not all of your function back.  Just remember you only need one hand and a good stake to fly and SLK :)  Well, a comfy chair and drink to go along with it too :P  Stay strong my friend and we'll see you on the field soon enough.
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