Pocket Camera Saga Nears "Happy Ending"
The Canon S100 is officially gone.

Best Buy has declared it "not worth repairing".

With a bit of coaxing and Bambi by my side, the

young lady gave us full purchase price + tax + prorated warranty

(we did have the 3 year warranty). Even though the

Canon S110 is now on sale for $359, we got the $429

originally paid.

We decided to pony up the difference and splurged on the

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100

Main deciding factors:
f1.8 Zeiss lens (at least it says Zeiss)
huge sensor for a pocket camera (3 times the area of the S100).

We should have the camera next week as Best Buy doesn't have it
in store.

I really liked the S100 for its low light performance without flash
and am looking forward to the new "baby" camera.

S100 photo (no flash)
Lee S:
Well, I got about a third of the way through the review on your new camera, but then my brain started to hurt, my eyes started to bleed, and I began to thank god that we all have John Who Takes All the Pictures For Us :D Seriously, nice little snapper. Can't wait to see it in action at KP. FWIW, my first digi-cam was a Sony, and it took great pictures as long as the subject was standing still. Also had a Zeiss lens, so if the tradition continues yours should be awesome.
Hi Lee,

Looking forward to what "old school" kites you'll be bringing to KP.  :)

It looks as if you read more than I usually do.

Normally, I just read the pros/cons and conclusion of a review.
If a purchase is really close, then I'll read most of the overview.

The Sony uses the same sensor as the Nikon N1 series.
I really dislike the N1 series, but love the sensor.

With pocket cameras, I try to get the largest sensor our budget will allow.
Everything else (large glass, image stabilization, etc) will be appropriate.
The Sxxx series use to be considered large sensor for a pocket camera.
But Sony has really raised the bar according to the reviews.

You can give it a look at KP.  ;D

Found a video review here:
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