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How do you handle the material when sewing curved hem?  I am trying  to hem a leading edge with a spar pocket.  What do you do?

Ca Ike:

What type of kite?  Are you folding the edges over or using a separate LE piece? Curved hems are tricky depending on how you are doing it


I have yet to sew on ripstop nylon but its been my experience in sewing curved hems to go real slow to keep everything lined up. like as slow as possible.


yeah....i take it slow with these....if the foldover section is wide enough and actively fighting being put into its place then i would use some double sided tape to hold it in place....

you can also use scotch tape to hold the folded over layer over...just sew right over it and then it is super easy to remove....

Doug S:

I hold the sail material in place with 1 in. wide Scotch blue masking tape.  Use the regular blue masking tape and not the low stick type.  Cut off lengths about 2.5 in. long, and then fold over about 0.25 in. at the end so you can remove the tape.  I line up the cut pieces of tape on the edge of my glass cutting table, which I first clean with rubbing alcohol then wipe dry with a paper towel.

To hold the sail material, space the tape about 6 in. apart on straight sections and closer together on the curved sections.  For leading edges, I tape both the front and back sides at the same location.  Begin sewing, and then remove each piece of tape once are close with the stitching.  For smaller projects, I cut the 1 in. wide blue masking tape into widths of 0.25 to 0.5 inches.

In challenging areas, I just sew through the tape, then lay a steel straight edge along the stitching and carefully rip the tape along the stitching, and remove it from the sail material.


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