Into The Wind catalog....Nineteen Ninety One!!!
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Just wanted to put it out here that I just uploaded a pdf of the 1991 ITW catalog.   It is pretty cool to see this (at least to me) information, pricing, options, items etc...
check it out:
That's awesome!  This reminds me I have a pile of these from the early 90's somewhere in a box.  I'll need to find them!
find them!!!!   i have a bunch more to do.....
Allen Carter:
Quote from: thief on February 11, 2013, 08:50 AM

1991 ITW catalog. 


Kinda makes you realize how little things have changed in 22 years.
oh yeah!!!!!!!
This catalog is from before my time in kites....i might have found it listed in the back of a magazine and requested it but was not into the kite world yet....but i do have a bunch of them so will scan more in....only took about 20 minutes so not too bad...and since my guys are not fishing right now i am just sitting around the office ;)
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