Vamp Devil Quad

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I have 3 B series Revs, STD Mid-Vent and Vented.

I am looking to try something different.
I have looked at the Vamp Devil Quad, I can get it in Oz quite cheaply.
I do not expect Rev-Like Performance from it, but still want something that is fun to fly.

Does anyone have any experience with these?


Ca Ike:

Vamp devil is still new so not to many will have them yet but it looks like a decent quad. I like the design myself and plan to get on sooner or later.


Thanks Guys,

Great pictures there skb.
Sounds great too. I just love the look of it.


Only got to fly one when the wind was too low...  :(

One of the best looking theme kites ever.

Note the hanging flags lower right.

Flying Fish:

Got one!

Fun to fly, not as precise as a Rev (certainly not with the tail attached)), but just a kite that puts a smile on your face. As the others have said, it needs a decent wind to fly, especially if you fly it with tail.

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