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Hi Guys, I have a bunch of Prism 50# x 50' lines from Dualies.

I am considering converting 2 sets into a Quad set.
I will make sure a 4 lines are the same length. uneven stretch between sets is not an issue as I have 2 unused sets.

My worry is that Prism line (although great stuff) is not as "Slick" as my Laser Pro Quad sets.

Is the Prism stuff going to be good enough for Quadding?
On My B Series STD in Very Light Wind....

Ca Ike:

Should be fine as long as your flying in 5 mph or less. Depending on which prism kites those sets came from they should be LPG anyway and will be pretty slick.  All but the most recent low end prisms came with LPG or shanti speed line.  IIRC all prisms Spectra line sets are LPG since around 2000 at least.  YOur biggest concern will be line breakage and  on a rev B that will be around 5-6 mph.


Quote from: Ca Ike on February 12, 2013, 11:53 PM
YOur biggest concern will be line breakage and  on a rev B that will be around 5-6 mph.

I'm not sure why 5mph or less. There is almost no pull in that speed of wind. I don't see why 50lbs lines would not be good up to around 10mph winds on a quad. I flew 50lbs lines all the time and never had an issue. I now fly only 80lbs lines and been out in 15-20mph windows.


do you have a wind meter? I fnd 9-12mph is a bit strong for my std.  Usually pull my full vent out with no movement to fly.  I am still new but what I thought was 15-20 is only about 10-12mph.  I guess your field plays a roll too. if it is wide open the wind seems faster than it is, if there are obstructions then the turbulence may "take the wind out of your sail"


Thanks for all your comment guys.

The Prism lines I have, are kinda bumpy to the touch. The Braid/twist is noticable.
The Larse Pro's are more smooth.

I might give them a go and see what happens.

I want to use 50# when the wind is consistantly below 4mph, above that I can easily keep the STD in the air.

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