The Eros ...relax !

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The Eros ...relax !

The Eros ...relax !


I've said it once...I have said it twice. 8) 8) 8) Pete you are not Human. ??? ??? ???   We have discussd this before.  I have given all the evidence possible.  No one on Earth can fly like that... Except for you.  Which makes you Not Human. 

That video is some sort of brain thing you Aliens do... Like Hypnosis... The kite was spinning and my eyes became fixed on the center...  ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

I keep thinking.... I want to be able to fly like that.  The thoughts raced across my brain.  My eyes were fixed on the center of the kite ??? ??? ??? and over and over again.  I felt the desire the burning desire to one day fly like that. :P :P :P :P :P :P 

I get inspired to one day fly some of those Crazy Combo's ... Pete at 4:55 it gets real crazy..How you pulled it off is a mystery. 

As always I bow to the Master .... and thanks for another lesson on there is Life on other Planets.


Always a pleasure to be humbled by your videos.

Thanks.  :)

Ara Ararauna:


I must say that the free-style way of flying that many people tend to practice has always seemed to me as an "opportunistic chaos". In other words, it gives the impression that people tend to do the trick that the kite sort of lends itself into. So there is no clear intentionality from the pilot to do one trick or another. They only chain tricks one after the other in a chaotic way and only because the dirty ending of one trick tends to suggest that another can be started.

Your case is different my friend.
You give the impression of knowing exactly which trick you are going to do, you do it, and you exit clean as a polished marble floor!!
I find it not only praiseworthy, but also aesthetically very beautiful and demonstrates incredible control.
And this, indeed, makes it very relaxing to watch and very useful for learning. Each little snippet of your videos is a whole lesson.

I wish I can fly like that in the future. In this year and a bit that I have been flying I have come to think that I don't want to do the "opportunistic chaos" style. I want to be in control of every part and this video is exactly what I thought free-style flying should be.

Also I found amazing the trick at 3:40. The position you put the kite into is that position in which I always get a sure crash. It is the position I really don't want my kite to get into because I don't know how to recover from it. And you not only recover it, but moreover it is clear that you are well in control of the situation all the way through.

Great video with high saturation of colors over the snowy background. Very nice.

But as I say, more than the visual design, the flying content is great.


Thanks, but allways remember: the kite has to be capable too !!!

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