Thank you all very much
It had been my intention to send out individual thank you's for those of you who have supported Chris and I this past month, But I have gotten so far behind I realize now that will never happen.
If you are unaware  our only source of income is GWTW,  as Chris has been unable to work for the past year as she also has medical issues and is awaiting surgery to alleviate the pain from various disk and spinal issues.
Your generous support has allowed us to concentrate on what we feel is probably most important at this time… getting ourselves healthy and back to being able to earn a living.
I am progressing quite nicely according to my therapists and doctors but this is a maddeningly slow process and optimistically it is probably several months until I can function "normally". So your help has certainly reduced Chris and my stress levels considerably.
Again thank you very much we love you all. In the 13+ years I have been involved in kiting I have never been more impressed by the kindness and and compassion of our community.
I am proud to call myself a kite flier and you my friends.
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