De-ice those wings before take-off!
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I recently relocated from NorCal to Nova Scotia.  Among a thing or two I had to get used to was a lesson in beach flying with my Talon at a sunny minus 15 degress -- Celsius, that is here in Canada.

Beach flying in California used to go like this, even in late January:  Surf permitting, you fly your kite into the sea.  It gets heavier, more sluggish and develops some oversteer.  As you keep flying, the water shakes off and evaporates, and after while the flying behavior is back to normal.  The Talon is pretty forgiving when wet anyway.  Fly it in the water again and repeat.

Not so in icy Nova Scotia temperatures:  You land the kite in the water, it gets heavier, more sluggish, develops oversteer.  And it stays that way.  You fly it in the water again, it gets even more unwieldy -- and stays that way.  Until, after a while, you can barely fly it anymore.

Closer investigation reveals what is not surprising in hindsight: Severe icing on the wings.  Sand baked in with the ice adds even more weight.  And back home at night you realize that that garden hose is not connected (not surprising in hindsight), and it occurs to you that the kite, meanwhile thawed, not only caused a major mess in the trunk (not surprising in hindsight either), but is going to do the same in route to the bath tub.  So more preparation next time, please!

Other than that, and given warm enough clothing, flying in wintry conditions can be _a lot_ of fun:

Beautiful Pics/kites!!!  well these are not close to breathtaking and I would have felt better if they were from my Phone camera,,

but here I am this evening after work in 18 degrees F.

Love those cold kite pics. Especially like that they let you park on the beach there... That is truly a first class flying beach you've got !
I think that's my new favorite widow maker!   Cool design on your kites.

Ara Ararauna:
Nice pictures!
Interesting "two kites in one" layouts.
This way you don't have to decide which one to fly  :D
A bit schizophrenic though...  ;) 
"not surprising in hindsight either"  ::)
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