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Greetings from Virginia(for the moment). Longtime kite flyer here, purchased an original Spinoff probably 30 years ago(still have it), but I am only an occasional flyer, mainly when the wind blows hard. When I bought the Spinoff, stunt kites were a new thing, and all my friends thought I was crazy, spending >$100 for a kite. ???

I just acquired an old Flexifoil that doesn't have any ferrules for the spar. Also one of the tapered, tip spars is a little shorter than the other (36 vs 34 5/8). My questions:

1. Where do I get ferrules, and what material(brass?), and size(looks like 5/16)?
2. Is the tip length discrepancy normal? If not, is it usable? If not usable, where to get replacements/substitutes?

Any other tips/tricks you have for this great old kite will be appreciated.

I also got a Symphony 1.8 with the Flexi, and it looks like the wind might be blowing outside!
i wonder if the ferrule is missing because the rod broke at the edge of the ferrule...
a Flexifoil ferrule is about 4" long and half of that might make up for the missing bit....
Can you grab a picture?
You can call a local kite shop, or one of these listed here on the right hand side of the forum and ask if they have a flexi ferrule on hand....the ferrule should be ~4-6$ or so.....
you might also be able to purchase a rod set that would replace the entire set with new rods....that is a bit more $$$

In the photo the top two are the tip spars, and the unseen ends are even. You can see where the ferrules have been contacting the spars. The bottom, shorter spar ends right at the point that the end of the ferrule contacts the top spar, so you may be right, it could have been broken there. It also is a little rougher, and less "square" on the end.

On the bottom, shorter spar, you can see where the ferrule has been in contact with it, so I suppose it has been used like this.

The only place I can find "official Flexifoil parts" is Cobrakites, and they are for a Stacker Pro 8. They have the tip spars ($26), and the ferrules($5) I assume these would work. Does anyone know?

Could I make ferrules from Carbon, or fiberglass tubing, if I can find the correct size? If I do, could I make them a little longer, and add a spacer, glued inside the ferrule to give me a little additional length, and to save $26. I believe the standard ferrules are brass.

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Thanks for the reply Zeke, I was typing while you responded. I checked the sponsors, and didn't see any Flexi parts, or any generic ferrules of  the size I need.
Cobra kites is a great fact the owner Ray Merry is the original designer of the flexi you have.
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