bit of fun with the zero G

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Ca Ike:
Now that I have all the tuning nuances learned, I took some time to have a bit of fun and go beyond the nice simple glides. For those that say this kite or Ceewans original plutz can't be ground launched, just watch.  It took a bit of practice but ground launching is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Here's a vid for your enjoyment.

Zero G on Vimeo

Very nice. I cant keep mine in the air yet more than a few seconds ona pull

Ca Ike:
Good tuning helps.  Like someone else said, its best to tune it without the line on it to get the glide right then attach the line.  You also get a feel for the toss to get a good start off.

Some basics I can tell you is on the nose, its the factory mark +/- 3/4 inch adjustment range.  On the red canard line there are two black marks for the adjustment limits but you can go past the lower mark until both knots touch and be fine.  On the bridle, for gliding stay mid to nose and for staked out go tail end of the range.

To tune set the nose first, then go through the range of adjustment on the canard line.  Toss by hand without the flying line attached.  For good long glides you want it to fly flat and land touching about where the rear wing meets the frame in the middle.  For more active you want it to glide slightly nose high and touch down almost on the center T.  I have mine set for a balance of those two.  Maybe I'll do a how to vid one of these days.

Really nice, Anthony. This video, along with Steve's a few months back has convinced me to finally go out and get one of these. I figured my GW mini glider was the only kite like this that I needed, but you guys have shown me proof that I was wrong. I do seem to need another glider....

Thanks Anthony!
I still haven't got our nose adjustment fixed. (Prism says they'll back me up on it)
I would really look forward to a 'how to vid'.  With what little flight time we have on ours, I know there is a lot more that it will do, that I have not yet explored.



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