Looking for small quad foil ????
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  Was out flying my Beamer V 4.0 yesterday and having great fun but just to much pull when the wind came up.  Not looking for traction,  just a nice small quad foil under 6' span.  Plan to fly on about 65' lines.  Would like something complete with lines and handles.  Anyone recommend something?  Not finding much out there,  quess there is a good reason there are not small quad foils much or is there anything such as a ultralight quad foil ?

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i think i have an extra 1 point 5 meter ted dougertys pro foil well made new never flown great quad alot of fun i will check
Thanks !

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We have the new Cross Kites quads in stock.  These are produced by VliegerOp along with the Peter Lynn brand kites and is an affordable alternative to other quad line kites.  They are simple but work excellent.


Prices start at $139.00 for the Quads complete, ready to fly.
Thanks,  skb but would like something smaller than 2.5. 

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