Just 4 Fun Team Standards (English & German)
Born out of the experiences of many years in (mega) team flying and the question from lots of new revolution pilots, Dutch enthusiasts Marc van der Graaf, Roelof van der Tak and Wil Ammerlaan wrote this manual outlining the team flying standards they use with their team(s). A standard not only in calling and terminology, but also an essential introduction to some basic team flying techniques and moves, easy to understand so the effect is a smoother cooperation between pilots from all over the world.
Main objective was also to make it more fun to fly together and take away the language barriers - please take your time to read it and hopefully this offered a positive contribution to our Family of Revpilots all over the world.
Have fun !!!!!
ben dantonio:
What a great idea and great work....... Ben :) :) :)
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