Snow Devil SUL...

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So, this was my last session out flying for a while. I got some VF25 footage out of it, and was really trying to get the AVFFF challenge nailed. Too bad the wind was so light that the biggest trick was keeping the kite in the air. This wind would've been more suited to a true SUL like a Prism Vapor, or Pro Dancer, not a trick kite like the Sea Devil. BUT, the Sea Devil really impressed me, and was able to pull off a few tricks, even some single pop yoyos. I was trying to work on some Slots & Tazs, but I just haven't figured out the entries to them, yet. I put an failed AVFFF attempt right up front, and I just couldn't back up any more to keep it going, my beach is pretty narrow, and you don't want to step into the water this time of year.
Special thanks to Lam for making this awesome kite for my wife & family to give to me for my birthday last year... best one yet !

I'll warn potential viewers up front, it's a long video. If you have the time & the interest, come hang out at my beach without getting cold, enjoy some SRV, and don't forget to click the HD button & full screen it.


Winter Flying... Feb, 2013.




1 pop yoyo from fade with a sul ?  ??? Impressive!!!


Thanks for sharing this material, Rob. Your 540s and slides are great and the SRV blues are always a pleasure to listen to.

I hope you recover soon to start flying again before the winter ends.



Just love your videos! some great stuff there!

Hopefully you recover quickly.  with broken ribs and back your flying is still superb.  Maybe If I get out to CT this summer and you are all better we can hook up for a bit.


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