From The Man Who Brought You "Weeble" Kites

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It has been years since I coined the term "Weeble Kites".

That was done in response to the flood of kites which used

a weighted keel to improve pitch speed, usually at the cost

of flatter spin tricks.

Well, it hit me on the recent trip to Lake Havasu for the

24th Annual Western Winterblast:

I was thinking about how many of the Rev fliers prefer a very soft frame

to absorb the gusts and make it easier to hold the kite still for

group formations.

Perhaps this new term will catch on, perhaps not.

Based on the political term gerrymandering:

    the practice of framing a Rev 1.5 in spars so flexible that the
    kite takes on the shape of a scoop as its normal profile:


I didn't say anything was wrong with curved Revs.

I was merely applying a term to the type of frame used.

And yes, twas I who did both of those elasticy type things to kites.

Thank you for remembering and confronting me politely with it.

And thanks for picking up the gauntlet.

Hate to let a cool term die so quietly.  :)

Ca Ike:

Wasn't it the "wang doodle" that had those "gills" in them?  Kind of a trend in the funny name thing dontcha think :P


The Whangdoodle had (on each side) a leading edge pocket which inflated through one mesh panel.

The Speed Limit had 4 dynamic gills for variable (in-flight) venting.

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