iFlite I or iFlite II ?


Hi all,

I'm looking for advices.

What is the best choice : iFlite I or iFlite II ?

I cannot buy both !  ;)

Thanks in advance my friends !

Caveat I have flown them all (& sell them all)- standard, vented standard, II (which are all vented)

I like the standard size non vented the most.....nice flyer.....good indoor glide....packs up well.....very attractive price....

For my gliding and flying needs I pull out a different kite (made by Jeff Howard and is the basis of the Skate) for when I want to fly something bigger.

Thank you Thief.

You sold all your iFlite?  :o

Ahhh.... No...I was the first place to carry the iFlites in the states.....


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