Greetings from sunny (?!) Barcelona!
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Ara Ararauna:

Today we woke up and our Mediterranean land was covered with snow!  :o

The flying field two blocks from home was transformed:  ???

But then the sun came out and a nice low wind from WNW started to blow.
So I had to take my Talon UL out...  :P

... and I started to clumsily practice a couple of tricks (fades, 540's... and I even got a pseudo Taz almost at the end):

Nevada23F TalonUL
Remember to select HD and full screen...

Feedback welcome!

Well done Ara. Looks like you're making progress. Do you find your Talon is making things easier?
Yup, I see a lot of new tricks added to your bag. Coin toss, flapjack, 540s for the left & right, and I think that was a better Taz than I can pull off. I bet some of that you can attribute to flying good kites, but the rest is from practice & hard work. Good stuff...  :)
Those colors work great on the Talon, particularly with a snow backdrop.  Nice picture!

What lines were you flying in the video?  I find my Talon Std quite flyable in UL-territory winds with 50x50 lines.  But since I like my Talons so much (see, I am currently saving on a UL.   :P
what camera do you used? what framerate?

nice video! :)

kind regards
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