Do you have a kite you instantly connected with?

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Many of us have a favorite kite.  Correction: Probably all of us do.  But some kites may take a little longer to appreciate, explore and get used to, while others are an instant fit -- love at first flight.  One such kite for me was my Talon Std:

When I first flew it, everything felt just perfect.  All of a sudden, I looked a two levels better flier than I actually was at the time.  The kite and I immediately connected.  That was at Shoreline, must be some three years ago now.  Everyone else out there said the same thing:  They could literally _see_ how that kite worked for me.  And I had not flown a Talon ever before.  I ordered it because I liked the graphics, and -- more importantly -- the videos available at the time suggested that it should be compatible with my flying style.

I am sure others have experienced something similar, a kite they instantly clicked with.  Please post your experience!

To clarify:  There have been quite a few other kites I loved (and still love), such as my (heavily modified) Widow and my Widow Makers, as well as many kites that friends let me take a spin with.  But all of those grew on me quite a bit more slowly.  That is not what I am asking for.  It is that Love At First Flight experience that this is about.


For me it feels like any skyburner SUL kite I've had an instant connection with. The same story you just said applies to myself there as well, and also with the BMK Mamba. For some odd reason just 1 though. I've had 3 or 4 and I've felt really REALLY good on just one of them, while the others seemed different. Glad you found a match that works well for you. :)


Interesting find with those Mambas.  I am curious how big variations between individual kites are.  There was clearly a difference between the last builds of the Prism E2 and earlier samples,  but it would not be surprising if a less systematic variability can be found in boutique kites and mass-produced ones, too.


I would say the WidowMaker would be the kite that I clicked with instantly. It is so forgiving, it makes me feel like i can fly better than i actually can. I get bored flying it sometimes, because nothing unexpected ever happens... All the rest have a learning curve to them. Maybe only a few hours to get used to some kites, and months for others. There have only been one or two kites that I didn't like at all, and some that I like enough to have hope that they'll seem great to fly someday. I'm just not ready for them yet...


For me it was the AzizA......I had flown many kites before that one but it just honestly just started teaching me what it liked to do and reacted to what I liked as well...

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