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I have gotten a few PM's on this topic....

I am looking to share my kites with others.  It seems a lot of us could benefit from trying the different kites we talk about.  I have heard a lot about the Talon and Sea Devils, Prism 4's.  Truth is I have no real concept of any of these kites.  Or if any of them fly any better or worse than I have.

I do not consider myself an accomplished flyer by any means.  This season my goals will be to improve as much as I did last season.  I will fly a fade for over 5 minutes this summer is my (#1.) Objective.

Here in the Metro Detroit Area Jon T starts Kite Season the Wednesday After Daylights savings week-end.  It gives a few of the guys more time after work ...

Some of the Wednesday Night guys might want to try the different kites also.  I'll find out from Devin if he has a couple of kites to share also.

Having Jon fly them will also be a +plus .  He can also fix anything I break (hehehehe).  Or anything that happens to my kites he can fix. NOt a problem. 

Shipping can't be that much.  I suppose some rules ???  Honsety is Best. 

There are number of Kiter's I'd share with... 
Little groups of maybe five guys.  It could be by geographical location.

If we listed our kites on this thread... It covers em' all ...

Widow Maker std.
WidowMaker Ul
Ocius Sul
Solus std
Solus ul
Pro Dancer ???

The spring is close.  Kite Party in a couple weeks.  By May many of us could experence the different kites we only hear about...

Some Feed Back On This Would Be Great ... Then Norm's tricks will face the best we have to offer.
Allen Carter:
I've got maybe 50 kites but I doubt anyone would want to fly them.  Old skool.  8)
I know that The Other Place™ has a lending library of kites and seems that they get used quite often....
I have lent out kites to local flyers before with out incident...(most of my sport kites are standard pultruded tubes so new rods is pretty simple)....
it is always good to see sharing of ideas and kites out there!!!! I feel that is what will really help the kite community and industry more than anything else.
The library on 'the other place' works very well. Basically you borrow the kite for a month ( unless no-one else asks for it in which case you hold onto it) then pass it on to the next person on the waiting list. There is no charge for loaning the kite, but you pay postage to pass it on to the next person who in turn pays to pass it to the next etc etc. You have to be a registered user on the site and provide valid email address and real name and address so that the kite can tracked from person to person.
Norm, I guess you do have a good point. We used to do some kite sharing on the ClassyKite forum, it was called the Swap Club. But the first rule of the Swap Club is that no one talks about the Swap Club. It was for the inner core of forum participants, and an admin would have to approve you.
I also have gotten demos from certain kite makers, but every one I liked so much, I offered to buy.
I never did think too much about possibly damaging the loaner kite, I just flew extra careful, just like if the person who's loaning the kite is standing right next to you. I tried Sammy's Vendetta a couple years ago when we met up, I just flew carefully and didn't try anything stupid.  :o
I would do whatever it took to repair a kite if I wrecked it, and I guess that would have to be the agreement between the loaner and loanee for Joe's idea to work without hard feelings in the event of an accident.
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