High wind tricking

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Hey everyone. This is my first thread here. I've been reading a lot over the past few months, but just started posting.

Over the winter I have been flying a ton, mostly a shadow and silver fox 2.3 UL, but recently the winds of Berkeley have been picking up and unfortunately I have gone to the dark side several times choosing my vented rev.

I can fly my SF std fine, but tricking is starting to get really hard. My 2.5 vented silver fox flies like a tank so I'm just wondering if anyone has some suggestions for me (I'm fling with 150 lb 100 ft lines right now).

I know I'm going to have to run more and be more aggressive with certain moves, but are there certain tricks that are good to work on during higher wind days (15mph+)?


Welcome to posting more.  :)

Tricks, by their very nature, are about tumbling and not flying.

To do this, you must use anything you can do to put slack in the lines
after you make your initial input. As most tricks start with a stalled kite,
you have to reduce the forces induced onto the kite to a minimum.

This can include:

Vented kite
Flying the kite to the left or right edge of the window
Walking or running forward
Heavy lines (like over 200 lbs)
Centroid weighting (adding ballast near the CG)

At 15 mph wind speeds, I usually just put on my 100'x7" dia 2# tail
and fly tight circles. More people watch when I fly with the tail than
on my best trick day.

Good luck.


Welcome to the forum.

Quote from: drmndrew82 on February 26, 2013, 12:01 AM
My 2.5 vented silver fox flies like a tank

Our local winds have been strong as well. I have gotten very good at the slot machine flowed at the edge of the window.

Bob D:

A pair of wind brakes will slow it down a bit. There's a point where they don't help all that much though.

bryan beasley:

Insanes, Rolling cascades, Snap Lazies, Cometes.

Straight lines, sharp corners, controlled curves and slammin' landings.


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