"Hearts in Flight for World Peace" comes to KP11


white wing lover:
Before I forget to post this, with just a couple of weeks left in the countdown...

The "Hearts in Flight for World Peace" project was born out of a tragic circumstance in RiverFalls, Wi. last summer as a tribute to the sisters who lost their lives.
The starter kite is a GFAK 35ft. dragon with flying heart motif. The idea is for folks to sign or comment on the tail as a Heart in Flight...
As the kite collects and flies with those names and sentiments, they will be carried on the winds to every corner of the globe...

John Chilese will be bringing the dragon to KP11 and there will be an opportunity to add your name or thoughts as a "Heart in Flight for World Peace"

My gratitude to John for his kindness in assisting in the effort...

 :) ;) :)


Nice, glad to hear you've found a way to keep the effort you put into that alive with a new direction. Kudo's to John C too for investing his time.

What a Wonderful tribute!

...and Thanks to John for his efforts as well!  :-*

We'll be signing the kite Friday, Saturday, Sunday

and a flight photo with all the signatures and signers

Sunday afternoon. Come look for the kite at our

pop-up and add your thoughts.  :)

white wing lover:
John returned the "Hearts in Flight for World Peace" kite from it's journey to KP 11 (though I doubt it was ever really there being as the event never really happened)  ;), it's been sitting in my apt. for a few days now and I finally made some time to sit down and unpack it. It smells like the ocean and has begun to take on signs of life as names and comments populate more and more of it's skin. It fairly left my skin crawling as I reviewed the collection of inked sentiments. Thanks again for your efforts John !
Any time your in the air, take a moment and be a "heart in flight for world peace."   :)


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