What is the difference in Revolution Models

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Not new to kiting, have lots of 2 line stunt kites, a kite board with 3 kites, but now I want a Revolution.

I've been on their site and read lots of stuff, but it is really hard to understand why they make all the different models and what they are used for. I also dot understand all the different rods.

Can someone summarize?

Thanks for the help!


In summary, the more you spend, the better the product.

By the time you get up to the B-Series Pro, your kite will be

made by Barry "Bazzer" Poulter and you can have custom

colors done.

Most of Revheads™ prefer the B-Series Pro with a light set

of rods (although very strong). The Rev 1 is the largest of the

normal Revs, the Rev 1.5 is the most popular model.

I have a Rev 1.5 SLE (not a popular leading edge rod with the

lads & lasses in Revland), and a Rev 1.

That should get you started.  :)

It's a time tested (1987ish) design which was unique at the time

and still considered the best quad-line flier today. And made in

the US of A. Hard to fault a unique, well-made, well-designed

product. I like everything about them except their shape.

But form follows function, I've been told.


Ok, I keep getting answers like yours, what is the difference in the models you mention. What do I get for my more money.

How do I tell if a kite it lite moderate or heavy wind.

Why the different rods.

Willing to pay, just want to know what I'm buying!


EXP - Very basic model, not as user friendly as the B Series 1.5

SLE 1.5 - Standard model made in house, great kite.  Lot's of us started with the SLE 1.5

B Series 1.5 - does not use the SLE (Super Leading Edge) - instead it uses/allows the flyer to use various stiffness rods.  Allows you to mix and match.  Usually comes with two sets of rods and handles.  You determine the line length you want to use.  B-Series was designed for team flying and individual flying, designed by John Barresi, current president of the AKA, the founder of iQuad team, etc. etc.  Google him!  Comes in Std/Vented/Mid-Vent.

B Series Pro - pro level B Series - sewed by kite artisan Barry Poulter.  More expensive, beginners will do just fine with the non-Pro version above.  Comes in Std/Vented/Mid-Vent.

Rev 1 - Bigger - not B series, unless you buy the Zen - a Barry Poulter made UL Rev 1 - has it's own special Zen rods.

Rev 2 - smaller than all these - quick and twitchy, however there is now a B-Series - fun and quick.  Comes in Std/Vented/Mid-Vent.

The super big ones and the fast/sonic ones - don't go there to start.

I'd start with a BSeries - enjoy the dark side.


Just like Dirty Harry said, sometimes you just have to ask yourself. . .
what kind of winds do you have to fly in? 
I live inland with access to beaches.  (all B Series or B Series Pro's) Inland in light flukey winds I use a B Series STD with Race rods.  When it picks up I love the Mid-Vent with Race rods till I feel it need to move to a 3 wrap rod.  The Mid-Vent with Race rods is my favorite (SKB is a wise man!).  This past year I picked up the Rev 2 in the B2 model - grabbed the Mid-Vent with a set of Race Rods. 
When I'm at the coast I use a full vent model to handle the winds and usually use 3 wrap rods.

So what kind of winds do you fly in?

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